Rank: Private
Service History: 
Date of Birth: 1 December 1832 Place of Birth: Harris County, Georgia
Date of Death: abt 1863 Place of Death: 
Father: Richard William Armor (b 6 January 1811, d 26 July 1871 in Coffee County, Alabama)
Mother: Adeline Brown (b 31 December 1813, d 2 January 1873)
Spouse(s): Not known to have married
Other: Claim filed by Richard W. Armor, father, care B.W. Starks, Elba, Alabama August 10, 1863. No des list. verified February 3, 65. (July 28, 64)
Not on Oates' roll. ADAH Service Card for James A. Armor, 15th Infantry Regt. Co E, has the same claim information as the record for James Armor, 54th Infantry Regt. Another record for James M. Armor, 4th Infantry Regt. Co A, shows him age 25, Coffee County. The above personal information is for James Armor, son of Richard William Armor and brother of Junius Americus Armor. Junius is also listed on various rolls as June A. Armer and A. J. Amer. I do not know if James said to have served in the 15th is the same man as James of the 54th (or 4th), or if "James A." is a mistaken transcription for Junius A. 


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