Name: BREARE, JOSEPH R. (Listed as Joseph R. Breare or Brear on muster roll; Breane on Census; Breares on Cavalry record)
Rank: 3rd Lieutenant - Commission expired 1862/07/02. Gordonsville when promoted. Elected 1862/04/23. 2nd Lieutenant, Promoted, 1862/04/02. Commission expired 1863/09/02 when promoted to 1st Lt. 1st Lieutenant, Promoted, 1863/09/02.
Captain - In charge of Cavalry Company, Rocky Head, Dale County. Certificate of Colonel Hough to Gov. Thos. H. Watts, 1864/11/15.
Enlisted: 3 July 1861 at Westville, Dale County, Alabama
Service History: Present:Winchester,1862/05/25, Cold Harbor,1862/06/27, Malvern Hill, 1862/07/02, Suffolk, VA, 1863/05/03; Absent on Detail: Cross Keys, VA, 1862/07/08, Cedar Mt., 1862/08/09, Hazel River, 1862/08/23, Manassas Junction, 1862/08/27, Manassas Plains, 1862/08/28-30, Chantilly, 1862/09/01, Harpers Ferry, 1862/09/13, Sharpsburg, 1862/09/17, Shepards Town, VA, 1862/09/18, Fredericksburg, VA, 1862/12/13. Captured: Gettysburg, PA, 1863/07/02. Absent Captured: Gettysburg, PA, 1863/07/03, Battle Mount, VA, 1863/07/24, Chickamauga, GA, 1863/09/19-20, Raccoon Mt., TN, 1863/10/27, Lookout Valley, TN, 1863/10/28, Camel Station, 1863/11/16, Knoxville, TN, 1863/11/20 & 29, Dandridge, TN, 1864/01/16; Absent on Furlough: Wilderness, VA, 1864/05/06, Spotsylvania, VA, 1864/05/08 & 12, Cold Harbor, VA, 1864/06/03, Absent without Leave: Chester Station, 1864/06/17, Deep Bottom, 1864/08/14, Fussells Mill, 1864/08/16, Ft. Gilmer, 1864/08/19, Ft. Harrison, 1864/09/30, Darbytown, 1864/10/07, Darbytown Rd., 1864/10/13, absent without leave: Williamsburg Road, 1864/10/27 (ADAH record)  Later raised a company of cavalry (Oates record)
Date of Birth: abt 1826 (ADAH record has enlisted age 28, by 1860 Census he was 35 in 1860) Place of Birth: England
Date of Death: 1866  Place of Death: Newton, Dale County, Alabama
Buried: Unknown, presumably Dale County
Spouse(s): Sarah M. // (possibly Sarah McKay)
Children: Martha, Edmond B., George W., Hardy P.
Occupation: Lawyer
Residence(s): Dale County, Alabama
Other: Emigrated to the US between 1850 and 1855. Son Hardy P. Breare is in household of Thomas Carlton in Taylor, Florida, in 1880, single, laborer. 
"Joseph R. Breare was 28 years old when enlisted. He was first on detail as the clerk or assistant to the regimental commissary. On April 25, 1862, he was elected third lieutenant, went through the Valley campaign with his company and the seven days' fighting around Richmond, and continued to serve faithfully until captured at Gettysburg. He was exchanged in the fall of 1863, and went home and raised a company of 'Buttermilk Rangers', because the company was only in service of the conscript department; but it rendered good service therein. Captain Breare was a native Englishman and a lawyer by profession. He was a bright, intelligent little man; genial, sociable, and full of good humor. After the war he resumed the practice of his profession at Newton, and in the year 1866 he was caught in a storm on the road east of Newton, when a tree fell upon and killed him. His family are nearly all dead. One son, George William Breare, in 1901 was judge of the County Court at Mayo, Florida." (Oates, The War Between the Union and the Confederacy, Appendix A)
Breare, as captain of the Dale Home Guard, commanded his men in a firefight with some of Ward's raiders, capturing Dock Prim, whom they hanged from a tree. 


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