Rank: Private
Enlisted: 3 March 1862 at Westville, Dale County, age 29
Service History: Absent sick Winchester, Virginia, Cross Keys, Virginia; Present Cold Harbor, Malvern Hill, Cedar Mountain, Hazel River, Manassas Junction, Manassas Plains, Chantilly, Harpers Ferry, Shepards Town, Fredericksburg, Suffolk, Gettysburg both days, Battle Mount, Chickamauga two days, Raccoon Mountain, Lookout Valley, Camel Station, Knoxville, Dandridge, Wilderness, Spotsylvania two days, Cold Harbor, Chester Station, Deep Bottom, Fussell Mill, Ft. Gilmer, Ft. Harrison, Darbytown, Darbytown Road, Williamsburg; Absent on detail: Sharpsburg, Knoxville. Absent on detail twice during the War; absent sick twice; was present at 35 engagements recorded on the record roll; present and on duty at the date of this roll. Record roll dated 1865/01/03 near Richmond.
Date of Birth: 18 June 1832 Place of Birth: Walton County, Georgia
Date of Death: 19 November 1921 Place of Death: Dale County, Alabama
Buried: Post Oak Methodist Church Cemetery, Dale County, Alabama
Father: John D. Dillard (b 1803 in Laurens, Fairfield County, South Carolina, d 15 May 1861 in Ozark, Dale County, Alabama)
Mother: Hilley Watson (b 10 May 1807 in Gwinnett County, Georgia, d 21 August 1896 in Ozark, Dale County, Alabama)
Spouse(s): (1) Mary Ann Briley (b 15 August 1835, d 12 July 1914; daughter of Thomas Abel Briley and Mary Revell; (2) Annie Beasley
Children: by (1) Louisiana, John Perrin, Thomas John, Emma Eliza, Georgia Ann (Georgeanne), William Henry, Clinton Valentine, Pennie Alabama, Mary Bannie, Amos Crawford, Abel Briley, Orlander (Oscar) Seygler.
Georgeanne married James Jefferson Dean (53rd Alabama Cavalry, Partisan Rangers), their son Thomas Jefferson Dean married Hattye Forbes Bryan, daughter of Allen William Bryan)
Occupation: Farmer, Mechanic, Blacksmith, Wheelwright, Machinist
Residence(s): Barnes Crossroads, Dale County, Alabama
Other: Brother of William Tyre Dillard, James Elmer Dillard, and Thomas G. Dillard, brother-in-law of William H. Bryley (Briley)
Brothers Starling Manuel Dillard (Co D, 46th Georgia Infantry Regt.) and Tamplin Nixon Dillard (Co D 59th Alabama Infantry Regt.) also served. Tamplin married Angeline Briley, sister of William H. Bryley (Briley).
"Sketch of His Life": Mr Crawford G Dillard moved from Ga, with his young wife, Miss Mary Briley and Settled on his present homestead near Old Post Oak Church during the year of 1856 where they lived happily together until separated by the death of his good wife and mother of all these children on the 12th day of July 1914 at the age of 79 years. Mr. Dillard has been one of the most useful men, known in any community. He has been a Farmer, Mechanic, Blacksmith, Wheelwright, and Machinist during his younger days, there was nothing necessary to be done in the community that he could not do, and he did it willingly and cheerfully. When a neighbor died Uncle Croff was called up to make the coffin. The Old time Mothers called on him to make their looms and spinning wheels. He built the machinery for the old time horse and water power cotton gins, he turned the pine rollers for grinding the sugar cane, he made and repaired his neighbors wagons and buggies, he has always being willing to help his neighbors and friends and with that usual cheerful smile which he yet carries. Here is the proposition worth remembering and imitating. I ask him what he attributed his long and healthy life to his reply was, "good cooking, regular and temperate habits." When the Civil War got under headway and he was called to service, in keeping with his life he answered, "Here I am" and gave three years of the prime of his life to the lost cause with the gallant old 15th Alabama Regiment commanded by the dashing Veteran Col. William C. Oats. Here is another item worth imitating, Mr. Crawford G. Dillard nor a single one of his six sons, have ever been arrested or prosecuted in any court for violating any state or Federal law. They are a law abiding peaceful, sober family. During December 1914 Mr. Dillard married Mrs. Anna Beasley his second and present wife of near Pinckard, Ala., and she makes him a most devoted companion, and they are very devoted to each other. Mr Dillard is yet active lively and good natured and bids fair to live many years more. He has been a active member of the Masonic fraternity for many years and a great believer and observer in the principles it teaches. The 18th day of June 1920 will long be remembered by the writer and all who were present, at the home of this grand old citizen. Lets all try to emulate his life.  -- by G. P Dowling [written for the occasion of Crawford George Dillard's birthday (not published)]

(L) Crawford Dillard
(R) Starling and Crawford Dillard

Crawford & Mary Ann Dillard,
Post Oak Cemetery

Dillard Reunion - 1921

Submitter: Georgia V. Fleming
                   Sharon Dean Lee