Name: JOHNSTON, WHITMILL MARION (listed on muster roll as Marion W. Johnston)
Rank: Private
Enlisted: 15 August 1862 at Westville, Dale County, age 26; "six feet tall, faire complection, black eyes and darke hair"
Service History: Present: Fredericksburg, 1862/12/13; Suffolk 1863/05/03; Gettysburg, 1863/07/02-03; Battle Mount, 1863/07/24; Chickamauga, 1863/09/20; Camel Station, 1863/11/16; Knoxville, 1863/09/20 & 29; Dandridge, 1864/01/16; Wilderness, 1864/05/06; Spotsylvania, 1864/05/08 & 12; Cold Harbor, 1864/06/03; Chester Station, 1864/06/27; Deep Bottom, 1864/08/14; Fussell Mill, 1864/08/16; Ft. Gilmer, 1864/09/29; Ft. Harrison, 1864/09/30; Darbytown Road, 1864/10/13; Williamsburg Road, 1864/10/27; Absent Detail: Chickamauga, 1863/09/19; Raccoon Mountain, 1863/10/27; Lookout Valley, 1863/10/28; Darbytown, 1864/10/07.
Date of Birth: 4 January 1835 Place of Birth: Johnston County, North Carolina
Date of Death: 5 June 1881 Place of Death: Waldron, Scott County, Arkansas
Buried: Pleasant Grove Cemetery #3, Waldron, Scott County, Arkansas
Father: Whitmill Johnston (b 9 September 1779 in Johnston County, North Carolina, d 9 September 1858 in Dale County, Alabama)
Mother: Elizabeth Messer (b 14 January 1790 in Johnston County, North Carolina, d 10 March 1863 in Dale County, Alabama), daughter of William Messer and Mary Barber
Spouse(s): Elizer Evelyn Jane Heath (b 15 March 1837 in Henry County, Alabama, d 24 November 1910 in Waldron, Scott County, Arkansas), daughter of Theophilus Heath and Nancy Johnson.
Children: Elizer Jane (Hines), Sarah Elizabeth (Black), Whitmill A., Lila Francis, Theophilus W., Robert Eller Lee (daughter) (Syler), James P., Nancy T., Laura S., Mollie Ellen (Ballard)
For more information on the descendants of Whitmill Johnston and Elizer Jane Heath, see Descendants of Levi Heath.
Occupation: Farmer
Residence(s): Newton, Dale County, Alabama
Widow's Application For Pension
State of Arkansas}
County of Scott}
I, Eliza J. Johnston do solemnly swear that I am the widow of
Whitmile M. Johnston who served as a soldier in the Army of the
Confederate States being a member of Company "E" 15th Regiment of
Ala. Infantry Vols. from the State of Alabama. That he enlisted in
said service as well as I now remember about Sept. 1862; that he was
honorably released from such service at the close of the war in the
Spring of 1865, and did not desert the same; that I am now, and for
the past twelve months have been, a bona fide resident of this State;
that I do not own property, real or personal, or both, or money or
choses in action in excess of the value of $400.00 (exclusive of
household goods and wearing apparel), nor have I conveyed title to
any property to enable me to draw a pension, and that I am not in
receipt of any income, annuity, pension or wages for any services,
the emoluments of an office, in excess of $150.00 per year; that my
said husband died since the close of the war in Scott County, Arkansas,
and that I have not since re-married, so help me God.
Eliza J. (her "x" mark) Johnston
Subscribed and sworn to before me on this 15th day of July, A.D., 1901.
L.P. Fuller, County Clerk
By Thos. M. Duncan, D.C.

Submitter: Georgia V. Fleming E-mail: