Rank: Private
Enlisted: June 1861 in Dale County, Alabama; Age 17
Service History: Present: Winchester 1862/05/25, Cross Keys 1862/06/08, Suffolk 1863/05/03, Gettysburg 1863/07/02-03, Battle Mount 1863/07/24, Chickamauga 1863/09/19, Ft. Gilmer 1864/09/29, Ft. Harrison 1864/09/30, Darbytown 1864/10/07, Darbytown Road 1864/10/13, Williamsburg Road 1864/10/27; Severely Wounded: Cold Harbor 1862/06/27, Chickamauga 1863/09/20; Absent Wounded: Malvern Hill 1862/07/02, Cedar Mountain 1862/08/09, Spotsylvania 1864/05/12, Cold Harbor 1864/06/03; Severely Wounded: Spotsylvania 1864/05/08; Absent Furlough: Hazel River 1862/08/23, Manassas Junction 1862/08/27, Manassas Plains 1862/08/28-30, Chantilly 1862/09/01, Harpers Ferry 1862/09/13, Present at: Sharpsburg 1862/09/17, Shepardstown 1862/09/19, Fredericksburg 1862/12/13, Raccoon Mountain 1863/10/27, Lookout Valley 1863/10/28, Camel Station 1863/11/16, Knoxville 1863/11/20 & 29, Dandridge 1864/01/16, Chester Station 1864/06/17, Deep Bottom 1864/08/14, Fussell Mill 1864/08/16; paroled at Appomattox. 
Date of Birth: 1 October 1844 Place of Birth: Russell County, Alabama
Date of Death: 1934 Place of Death: Dale County, Alabama
Buried: Union Cemetery, Ozark, Dale County, Alabama
Father: Hope Hull Mizell (b 20 September 1820 in Baldwin County, Georgia, d 2 March 1887 in Haw Ridge, Coffee/Dale County Alabama; son of William Mizell and Mary Love)
Mother: Martha Louise Edwards (b 20 July 1828 in Russell County, Alabama, d 9 August 1881; daughter of Ambrose Edwards and Emeline James Gaulding)
Spouse(s): Roxanna Chalker (b 1848, d 1924; daughter of William W. Chalker and Rebecca Anderson Land)
Children: Roxanne Lee "Todie" (Goodbread), Elvira Amelia, Fannie Bell, Mary Louise (Anderson), William C. Jr., Virginia L., Emmet N., Woodfin G.  
Occupation: Farmer (Fruit Trees)
Residence(s): Ozark, Dale County, Alabama
Other: "There was no better soldier in the regiment than Billie Mizell. Since the war he was been one of the most prominent and highly respected citizens of Dale County. He has served one or two terms as county treasurer." (Oates, The War Between the Union and the Confederacy, Appendix A)

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