From the Alabama Division President, Pat Lewis


Winter Board was held in Montgomery and due to a fall 6 weeks ago I was unable to attend. During this recuperation period I have been working on convention information for September 13-15th in Mobile, Alabama. District meetings began February 3rd and will end March 31st. Thanks to Pat Godwin for attending the Robert E. Lee Day and bringing greetings from the Division. Since the Rifle Scout flag restoration will not be completed by convention the committee has a new project for the Flag Fund ­ Alabama Division Confederate Markers and Monuments book. Cost is $30 and deadline to order was April 1st. Contact Linda Edwards for information on this book. Sorry to hear about the passing of Artie Morgan's father, WWII veteran Bill Majors. Our 2016-2017 budget and 2017-2018 budgets will be approved at division convention. Sorry to hear of Regina Clifton's passing ­ will be thinking of her family and Virginia Clay Clopton member Jean Murphy's family. Wanda Bowen will serve as the Radio and Television Chairman. Sandie Ziglar will serve as Public Relations Chairman in place of Carolyn Parrish who took over the position of Division Treasurer. New URL for the Alabama Division website: (be sure ALUDC is capitalized). Appreciation to Pat Richter and Diane Waite for their hard work on getting the new Division Minute books corrected and printed. If any of you would serve as a Page or Marshal at Division Convention in September please let me know. Division forms have been updated and put on the Alabama Website. Appreciation to Gwen Williams, Linda Barton, and Pat Godwin for a very successful Confederate Memorial Day event. Over 200 attended. Did you know the Division Vice President shot the cannon this year. Thank you to all those who stepped in and represented the division and myself at the various events. Hope everyone has a nice summer and will be ready for convention September 13-15th in Mobile. Congratulations to Annie Wheeler Chapter for their new member Kathy Hillman who is over 90 years old. CofC Confederate Memorial Day event was well attended and CofC President Hannah Appleton and officers did an outstanding job. Thank you to Faye McWhorter for bringing greetings and representing the division. Appreciation to the Ladies Memorial Association for a fine job hosting the Confederate Memorial Day event. We will be electing a new honorary life president at convention. Nomination information is on page 230 of the division yearbook. Note: members can submit nominees from other chapters. Appreciation to the districts that have selected members to serve on the 10-year History Book committee. I am doing good recuperating from my fall and surgery. Am home and doing therapy at a local rehab center until June 1st. Appreciate all the cards, emails, and calls ­ made my days much brighter.

Pat Lewis
Alabama Division President

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