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CD Data, Audio or Video CD Disc Creation 

We can create Discs from you Audio, Video or data to meet your needs. For Video CD send VHS video tape up to one hour will fit on CD.  For audio CD send Audio tape or your edited Wave files on CD.   For Data CD's send you files on any standard media. For more info Email Brian below. Note please incude phone number and or other contacts.





Fleming Multimedia Group
118 S. Main Street
Enterprise, AL 36330
Cell Ph: 389 - 2623
Office: 334-347-0017


We sell  Video CD titles, DVD titles, Computer hardware, Computer Systems, CD and DVD duplicators as well as Video CD and Video CD creation stations and services We have on our site an MPEG Archive, Real Video Archive, A space Archive and an MS Video Archive. We offer a wide variety of Computer CD and DVD services that include but are not limited to the following: Interactive Multimedia ,  Custom ( Your home or Business video) Movies on CD and or DVD, CD Presentations, CD based Video Resumes, Video on Demand, Web hosting, Web publishing, Disc publishing, CD photo albums, CD and DVD duplication, E-commerce, Software. a detailed DVD FAQ and much more. Please visit our online store we have everything from parts to systems and our many services listed there. We can encode your video for Video CD and or DVD as well as transcode your video into st