Will of Ambrose Dixon

Maryland Calendar of Wills: Volume 2 VOLUME II.

Dixon, Ambrose,Somerset Co., 7th Apr., 1686;

10th Apr., 1688. To dau. Elisa:, wife of Robert Dukes, grandson Thomas, son of Henry Potter, at majority, son-in-law Edmond Beauchamp, wife's son, Henry Pedington, and to Eliza:, wife of George Willson, and to James Brown, personalty. Wife Mary, extx. and residuary legatee of estate during widowhood. To sons-in-law, Thomas Dixon, Thomas Cottingham, Edmond Beauchamp, Robert Dukes, and their hrs., estate afsd. at marriage or death of sd. wife. Any son-in-law who shall disturb the extx. afsd, shall lose his interest in the estate. Test: Stephen Horsy, Sam'l Horsy, Jno. Atkins. 6. 22.