expbul1a.gif (699 bytes) Ascenith Bennett

born:   abt 1795 in Wilkes County, Georgia
died: bef 1870, probably in Harris County, Georgia
Ascenith is incorrectly listed in the transcription of the Harris County Marriage records as "A. S. Penith Bowles", which has led to this name appearing in several databases. 

Father: Reuben Bennett
Mother: Elizabeth Tarpley

Spouse:  Parmenas Cochran 
married: 19 September 1811


1. Ascenith Cochran (m Littleberry Bowles, brother of Ascenith's 2nd husband Thomas Bowles,
    on 29 August 1833 in Greene County, Georgia. Littleberry was b 1806 in Georgia)
    a. Emma E. Bowles, b 1835
    b. Julia A. Bowles, b 1837
    c. Parmenas Bowles, b 6 May 1838, d 19 July 1910; m Amanda Grimmett, daughter of Thomas
        Grimmett and Mary //
    d. Sarah E. Bowles, b 1839
    e. Ginwette Bowles, b 1841
    f. Acenith Bowles, b 1844
    g. Linda Bowles, b 1847
    h. Lucy Clay Bowles, b 1848
    i. Rowena Bowles, b 1849

Spouse: Thomas Bowles (d abt 1843)


1. Susan Clemintine Bowles (m Samuel C. Goodman)
2. Elizabeth Bennett Bowles (m Hiram Goodman)

Spouse: Robert Alexander Fleming
married: 11 January 1847