NOTES ON THE ANCESTRY OF  Robert Alexander Fleming

Recent DNA testing has failed to produce a match between known descendants of Robert Alexander Fleming and the descendants of any other Fleming family of known descent. If you are a male descendant in the male line of  a Fleming family with connections to North Carolina and would like to participate in the DNA study, please contact me. The more participants we have, the more accurate and useful the findings will be. 

At present, DNA studies have shown that there were at least four distinct, unrelated Fleming families in Georgia:
(1) Our Robert Alexander Fleming (b 1785 in North Carolina)
(2) Samuel Fleming (b 1718 in Ulster) (see below)
(3) Robert Fleming (b 1733 probably in Ulster) (see below)
(4) John Fleming (b 1776 possibly in South Carolina) (see below)

DNA tests show a close match between the descendants of Robert Alexander Fleming and the Waggener family.  There was a marriage between Ann Elizabeth Waggener (1835-1881) and James H. Fleming, who was b June 1840 in Tennessee.  James was the son of David Moore Fleming (b abt 1818 in Tennessee) and Caroline Shelly.  David Moore Fleming was the son of David C. Fleming (b abt 1765, resided in Carroll County, Tennessee).  Ann Elizabeth Waggener was the daughter of Richard W. Waggener (b 12 June 1786 in Culpeper County, Virginia, d 6 August 1858 in Tennessee).  The ancestors of Richard W. Waggener came to Virginia from Essex, England, and prior to that, from the Netherlands. We hope that research and future results of DNA tests will provide an answer to the question -- who was the father of Robert Alexander Fleming?

Below is my previous research on possible ancestors of Robert A. Fleming:


SAMUEL FLEMING, b 1718 in County Antrim, Ireland
1. James Fleming, b abt 1743 in County Antrim (m Margaret McMurray)
2. William Fleming, b abt 1750 in County Antrim (m Mary Laird)
3. John Fleming, b abt 1753 in County Antrim (m Jane Clements)  
4. Robert Fleming, b abt 1758 in County Antrim (m // Allen, Sara Moss)
5. Samuel Fleming, b 11 November 1760 in County Antrim (m Mary Scott, Mary Grier)

We have a letter from Mrs. Walter Fleming to Mrs. John R. Phillips, which states: "Dr. Walter Fleming's grandfather, Robert Fleming, was born in North Carolina ca 1785 and died in Harris Co., Ga. in 1867. His father was Scotch and his grandfather was probably born in Scotland. Robert Fleming moved with his parents to Georgia where they had relatives. He married Mary Watson of Columbia (or Warren) County, Ga. and lived there until he moved to Harris Co., Ga. The parents of Robert Fleming are not known but his father was probably James or John Fleming. It is said that Hon. William Fleming of Augusta belonged to my husband's branch of the family." 
William Fleming of Augusta was the son of Porter Fleming, who was the son of Robert Fleming and Thursza Farrar. Robert Fleming was born in 1777. He was in Lincoln County, Georgia, by 1807. He died in Augusta, Richmond County. Columbia County was formed from Richmond County, and is adjacent to Lincoln County. Robert named a son "Robert Alexander Fleming." The parents of Robert Fleming who m. Thursza Farrar were James Fleming and Margaret McMurray. This James was the son of Samuel Fleming (see below). Interestingly, our Robert Alexander Fleming had a great-grandson named Porter Thomas Fleming. Porter Fleming, son of Robert and Thursza Fleming, also named a son Thomas Porter.  
DNA testing shows no match with this family.


ROBERT FLEMING, b abt 1733 probably in Northern Ireland, d 1790 in York Co., South Carolina
1. Alexander Fleming, b abt 1757
2. Elijah Fleming, b 1758
3. Robert Fleming, b 1759
4. William Walker Fleming, b 8 May 1761 in Baltimore County, Maryland (**Robert Alexander Fleming named a son William Walker)

This family lived in Hall and Franklin Counties, Georgia and then many of them migrated to Texas.
#4 William Walker Fleming (above) had a son, "Robert H. Fleming", born bef. 1790, about whom nothing else is known at this time. While this is an interesting lead, I have not found any data to connect this Robert Fleming family to Columbia County; also, Census records indicate that Robert Alexander Fleming was born in North Carolina. 
DNA testing shows no match with this family.


JOHN FLEMING, b 1776 in Charleston, South Carolina, d abt 1840 in Alabama, m (1) Keshia Gassaway, (2) Mary "Polly" Flynn

There are several Fleming lineages on the Internet which connect two or more of the sons of Robert Alexander Fleming to John Fleming and Mary "Polly" Flynn. I have not been able to find the source of this error. However, I am confident that the list of children I have given for Robert is accurate. A number of John Fleming of South Carolina's descendants also lived in Coffee/Dale County, Alabama, which may have led to an assumption of kinship where there was none.
DNA testing shows no match with this family.


Based on my own research, information provided by Rex Fleming, John Fleming MD, and my correspondence with Helen Seeback and Mrs. L. Port. Anyone wishing to contact me about the data on these pages can e-mail me at

Georgia V. Fleming,
Enterprise, Coffee County, Alabama