expbul1a.gif (699 bytes) James P. Motley

born: 1787 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia
died:  between 1850 and 1853 in Rocky Mountain, Tallapoosa County, Alabama 
Appears as James Coleman Motley in some documents; all of the estate papers relating to his death call him James P. Motley. His half-brother Horatio Motley named a son James Pinkney Motley. The initial P, if it is correct, could be for Pinkney, or for his mother, Pendleton. 

1828 Monroe County, Georgia, Tax Digest: Smith Haynes, John Haynes, and Samuel Haynes (brothers of Nancy Haynes), James Motley (Dist. 24, No. 38), "Adm. John Haynes" (the estate of Nancy's father?). 
1830 Talbot County, Georgia, Census
(Duprees Township) lists James Motley as a next door neighbor to John Haynes and Samuel Haynes, with 2 males under 10, 5 females under 20, 1 male 30-40 and 1 female 30-40. 
1840 Talbot County, Georgia, Census (p 215) Males 0-0-1-1-1-0-1, Females 1-3-2-1-0-0-0. Next door is Samuel Haynes, and nearby is son-in-law Albert Yates. 
Estate Papers of James P. Motley (courtesy of Pat Newton)  (All of James's children are mentioned in these papers, including the spouses of the married daughters). 
The History of Daviston Baptist Church 1842-1942 states that the church had a Third District meeting in 1881 at Spring Hill Church with these delegates: John Motley, Ben Bishop, H. J. Dunn, A. J. Robertson, and J. R. Motley. J. C. Motley was pastor at the time. Also in 1881, delegates were sent to a meeting of the Carey Association in Clay County, they were: W. A. Cotney, John McKiney, John Motley, James A. Dunn, Joseph T. Motley. H. W. (H. B.?) Adkins was an alternate. According to church records, in 1881, the family of A. J. Robertson moved to Texas, carrying their church letters from Spring Hill, and founded the Baptist Church of Cornhill, Texas. 
J. C. Motley served as pastor of the Daviston Church 1881-1888.

Father:  David James Motley
Mother:  Elizabeth Pendleton

Spouse:  Nancy Haynes
married:  10 September 1817 in Morgan County, Georgia
Marriage Book 1808-1818; Morgan County, Georgia, Archives

1. Martha Ann Motley (m. Albert Yates, Jeremiah Jackson Dunn)
2. Eliza P. Motley (m James H. Wright)
3. Sarah John Motley (m. Dennis Sheffield Hopkins)
4. Coleman Pendleton Motley
5. John Milton Motley (m. Artemesia Perkins)
6. Emily F. Motley (m Henry B. Adkins)
7. Mary Ann Motley (m Allen Jordan Robertson)
8. Elizabeth Motley (m. John J. Horn)
9. Louisiana T. Motley (m Jeremiah Jackson Dunn)
10. Jane Ann Missouri Motley (m. William Pleasant Routon)
11. Nancy Virginia Motley (m. Solomon Alexander Dunn)

Spouse: Elizabeth "Betsy" Hamilton

1. James R. Motley (m. Mattie Willingham)
2. Malissa P. Motley (m. George W. Bryant)