expbul1a.gif (699 bytes)  Levi Heath

born:  1782 in Duplin County, North Carolina
died:  near Lawrenceville, Henry County, Alabama 1852-1860
1806 Tax List, Duplin County, North Carolina

1830 Henry County Census, Southern District: One male 40-50 (Levi, age 48); one female 40-50 (Prudence), one female 20-30 and one female under 5; one female slave age 36-55.
1850 Henry County Census, Southern District, lists the following people in one enumeration:
P. B. Shiver, 30 (Sheriff), M. S. Shiver, 17; R. O. Shiver, 3; A. B. Shiver, 2; Not Named Shiver, 11/12; J. H. Anderson, 24; J. Ellis, 50; Levi Heath, 68; B. Hughes, 50; W. E. Prior, 80; Martha Hall, 35; C. O. Patterson, 35; J. W. Ledder, 25; Arthur Shiver, 30. It is not known what sort of establishment this was, possibly a boarding house run by the Shiver family. I have considered the possibility that it might also be a poor house, or the county jail (since Shiver was the Sheriff), however the Census taker did not note any of these individuals under Question #13 ("Whether deaf and dumb, blind, insane, idiotic, pauper or convict"), and it appears that another member of the Shiver family (Arthur) also resides there. Martha Hall is undoubtedly the Martha Hall whom Levi married in 1852. 

There is a Mary H. Heath, b 1807, d April 21, 1857, age 50 years, buried at Wrights Chapel Cemetery near Edwin, Henry County. This is the area where Levi and Theophilus lived. Mary may have been a daughter of Levi, but I believe it is more likely that she was a widowed daughter-in-law. Mary appears on the 1840 Henry County Census with one male 10-15, one male 15-20, and one male 20-30; one female 30-40. 

A Benjamin Heath appears on the 1830 Dale County Census (next to Henry County), with 1 male 20-30, 2 females under 5, and 1 female 20-30. 

1850 Henry County Census lists in the household of John H. Gilford 28, and Edny C. Gilford 23: Pridenc Heath, 17. There are 3 Gilford children, Masouri 8, John A. and William E. 2. This family is on the 1860 Census without Pridenc (Prudence?) Heath; children at home are John A., William E., Absolem J., Thomas J., Samantha C. and James H. According to a Guilford database, Edny was Edna C. Heath, b 1829 in Alabama. I have listed her as a possible daughter of Levi, because the 1830 Census does not list a young daughter in Theophilus's household. The 1830 Census lists a female under 5 in Levi's household.  Who is 17-year old "Pridenc" Heath? She would have been born abt 1833. Theophilus's daughter Prudence was born abt 1844. It is conceivable that she is a daughter of Levi Heath and Prudence Swinson. They were married in 1804, Prudence Swinson was probably born 1784-1789. 

1850 Henry County Census lists in the household of James Blackshear, 55, and Cathrine Blackshear, 50: Prudy Heath 18,  Joseph J. 12, Jane 10, Jesse  8, Cearlia 5, Margarett  2. Prudy was b in Georgia, all others b in Alabama. I have recently been informed by a Blackshear descendant that Heath was Prudy's middle name. The 1860 Census shows Prudence married to Henry G. Gilder, her brother James Ira Blackshear is in her household. James and Catherine are in Barbour County in 1860 (listed as Blackshew), with Louise J. (Jane), Jesse W., Margaret M., and William T. Joseph and Cathrine were b in Georgia. Cathrine is the right age to have been Theophilus's sister Kitty, but Kitty was b in North Carolina. 

Theophilus Swinson only names two grandchildren in his will (1833), Theophilus and Kitty. However, Levi and Prudence had already left North Carolina, possibly well before 1833, so Theophilus Swinson might have been unaware of other children born to them in Alabama. In his will, he bequeaths to Prudence a bed and furniture and cattle "which she has received", "and the money that I advanced for the payment of the lands, all of which she has received". The land that Levi bought in Henry County, Alabama?  He leaves to Theophilus and Kitty $250 from the sale of a slave and "perishable property".  

There is a Margarett Heath, b 1847, listed in the 1880 Census, Dale County, Barnes Crossroads and Rocky Head. She is in the household of Eliza Williamson, b Georgia, age 76, listed as Eliza's niece. Also in the household are Eliza's children Willie Ann, 22, Sarah A. 16, and Isaac E., 13. There is an Elizabeth Williamson, 55, head of household, on the 1860 Dale County Census, b Georgia; Elizabeth was obviously widowed prior to 1860. Tracking her to the 1850 Dale Census, I find Elizabeth, 46, wife of William Williamson, with Edmund (14), Willie Ann (11), Mahaley (6), Isaac (4), and Wiley (1).  Elizabeth is the aunt of Margarett Heath, I know nothing further about her. 


Aug 1837
SENE      8N 27E 27
NESE      8N 27E 27
Sep 1839
Jun 1849
WNW  8N 27E 22
SENE      8N 27E 21
SWNE    6N 23E 31
ALEXANDER J. HEATH (grandson) Sep 1858
Nov 1858
Nov 1858
NNE    6N 22E 25
NWSW   6N 23E 3
SWNW   6N 23E 3
JOHN N. HEATH (grandson) Sep 1858 SWNE      6N 22E 25
WILLIAM E. HEATH (grandson) Sep 1858 ENW   6N 22E 25
LEROY B. HEATH  (great-grandson) May 1891
May 1891
May 1891
SSE       4N 22E 3
NWSE     4N 22E 3
NWNE    4N 22E  31
JOHN J. HEATH (great-grandson) Dec 1894
Dec 1894
Dec 1894
NENE      4N 21E 12
NNW    4N 22E 7
SWNW    4N 22E 7

Father:  James Heath

Spouse:  Prudence Swinson
married 10 November 1804 in Duplin, North Carolina 

1.  Theophilus Heath
2.  Kitty Heath (probably Catherine Heath who m Joseph Blackshear)

Possible children:
3.  Son Heath (m Mary //)?  Benjamin?
4.  Edna C. Heath? (m John Guilford)
5.  Prudence Heath? (listed in Guilford household in 1850)
6.  Eliza(beth?)  (possibly Eliza who m. William Williamson, aunt of Margarett Heath)

Spouse: Martha Hall
married 7 February 1852 in Henry County, Alabama (Henry Co. Marriage Records, Bride List 1822-1868)