1991 Robin of Sherwood Zines in Print by Rache

Hello and welcome to the RoS 'Zines in Print' page! This time, we'll be looking at zines published in the year 1991. Please send SASE when writing for ordering info on any zine! Zines are listed alphabetically below; listings are for those zines we're reasonably sure are still in print.

ALBION 5 edited by H. L. Avry &Laura Chevening Blunk

SASE to Laura Blunk, 1128 Pennfield Rd., Cleveland Heights, Ohio 44121 USA. RoS Anthology Zine1991 Major Oak Gold Award RoS Overall Zine Achievement. Color Robert/Marion front cover by karen River (1991 Major Oak Gold Award Cover Art) b/w Tuck back cover by Barb Johnson

Story contents:

"All's Fair" by Barbara Mater - Post-third season. An incognito Robert encounters Marion and fellow nuns at the Nottingham fair."A Bit Much" by H. L. Avry - Parody third season. Much turns into a giant werebunny."Council at Clipstone" by Janet P. Reedman - Between first and second season. Loxley and the outlaws infiltrate King Richard's hunting lodge, where both the King and young Robert of Huntingdon are currently in residence."Demons in Scarlet" by H. L. Avry - Long first season story. Two knights help Loxley rescue Scarlet and a group of villagers from potentially lethal, hallucinogenic poisoning."The Heir Apparent" by Kaye Dunham - Post-third season. Guy of Gisburne and his new wife have a baby."The Hunt" by Kitty Gamarra - Third season. In Robert's early days as the Hooded Man, he and the other outlaws warily become better acquainted. "Inheritance" by Laura Chevening - Long alternate third season story. Story from Tuck's point of view in the "Lady of Clun" universe, where Robert has a split personality and is both the Earl of Huntingdon and Robin Hood. "Like Embers From a Dying Fire" by Cindy Fairbanks - Pre-first season. Ailric of Loxley rescues a lost, very young Guy of Gisburne. (Tie - Major Oak Bronze Award for RoS Short Story)."Loss" by Rache - Between first and second season. When Marion becomes pregnant, she and Loxley regretfully decide they cannot have a child. (Major Oak Silver Award for RoS Short Story)."Passing Through Sherwood on a Summer's Afternoon" by Nancy Hutchins - First season. A young Robert of Huntingdon encounters Loxley and the outlaws in Sherwood."The Quest" by Julianne Toomey - First/second season. Lady Anna of Hadley Hall helps Loxley find a magical relic in order to save an ailing Marion."Sir Guy of Gisburne, Robin Hood and the Eye of the Dragon" by Laura Chevening - Third season. Guy is transformed into a dragon. (Major Oak Gold Award for RoS Short Story). "The Sound of Rabbits" by the Mad Rabbits of Albion - Parody third season. The merries and their adversaries as rabbits, singing new rabbity lyrics to tunes from "The Sound of Music.""Spirit of Fire" by Lorraine A. Mumaw - Long third season story. Robert encounters an evil fire spirit."The Wolves of Sherwood" by Ruth Dempsey - Post-third season. Nasir falls in love with a healer while a repentant Guy struggles with being a werewolf.

Vignettes (stories under six pages) include "As Before" by Jenni, "Brothers" by Nancy Hutchins, "Dear Robert" by Mama, "Hill of the Goblins" by Janet P. Reedman, "Hold Out Your Hand" by Maddog (Major Oak Gold Award for RoS Vignette), "Home" by Tara O'Shea, "Hunter, Hunted" by Sparrow, "Something to Believe In" by Denyse Bridger and "WNOT-TV" by the Mad Rabbits of Albion.

Poems and filks include "Band on the Run" by Christine Haire &Denise Hamlin (tie - Major Oak Silver Award for RoS Adapted Filk), "The Butcher of Lincolnshire" by Ruth Dempsey (Major Oak Bronze Award for RoS Poem/Original Filk), "Candle in the Wind" by Denise Hamlin (tie - Major Oak Bronze Award for Adapted Filk), "Departure" by Joyce Strohm (tie - Major Oak Pewter Award for RoS Poem/Original Filk), "Empty Forest (After Loxley's Death)" by Janet P. Reedman, "Evil Ways" by Christine Haire, "Fast as Wolves" by Jenni (tie - Major Oak PewterAward for RoS Poem/Original Filk), "Forest Sanctuary" by Janet P. Reeman, "Hill's Edge" by Maddog, "Leader of the Hunt" by the Mad Rabbit, "Merry Meet Again" by Rache (Major Oak Gold Award for RoS Poem/Original Filk), "Missing You" by Christine haire, "The Moth" by Todd Parrish, "99 Norman Guards" by H. L. Avry, "Release Me" by Maddog, "Scarlet, the Fire" by Julianne Toomey, "Sending" by Janet P. Reedman, "Sing Out" by Rache, "Vocation" by Laura Chevening, "Wanted: Dead or Alive" by Christine Haire and "Wounded Hearts" by Janet P. Reedman.

Interior artwork by Lila Bess, Vicki Brinkmeier, David Chamberlain, Dominique, Cherri Fiorello, Christine Haire (Major Oak Silver Award for Independent Artwork), Barb Johnson, Kate Landis, C. Motika-Dreifort, Todd Parrish and Rache.

APOCRYPHAL ALBION 3 edited by H. L. Avry & Laura Chevening Blunk

see "Albion 5" for addressRoS anthology zine

RoS anthology zine featuring "alternate universe" stories which imagine what might have happened if various events depicted in the series had happened differently. Color Robert/Marion/Herne/Isadora/Agrivaine frong cover by Christine Haire. b/w both Robins/Marion/merries with rabbit ears back cover by C. Motika-Dreifort.

Story contents:

"Alexander" by Laura Chevening - Alternate third season. "Lady of Clun" universe story in which a lost, schizophrenic Robert manifests a third childlike personality and is found by Little John, who is married to meg in Hathersage. "Bitter Regrets" by Nancy Hutchins - Post-third season. Marion, a nun at Halsted for 25 years, makes a brief visit to Sherwood. "Blood Curse" by Nancy Hutchins - Alternate "Greatest Enemy". Disaster ensues when Robert tries to save Loxley and prevent his acknowledged rother Guy from helping the Sheriff of Nottingham. "Broken Arrow" by Joyce Strohm - Long story, alternate "Greatest Enemy". Robert is given a vision of what would happen if he and not Loxley had died. "Child of Light and Darkness" by Maddog - Alternate "Robin Hood and the Sorcerer". Loxley fails to save Marion from Belleme; other tragedies follow and Robert of Huntingdon is left to pick up the pieces. "Dark Castle" by Julianne Toomey - Alternate "Robin Hood & the Sorcerer". Following Belleme's death, Robin exchanges a few words with Nasir. "Green Wood Burning" by Linda Furey - Alternate "Greatest Enemy". Loxley survives, with help from Robert and a healer who befriends Nasir. "The Invisible Enemy" by Karen Campbell - Third Season. The Sheriff bullies Guy out of a suicidal mood. "The Most Awful Post Awful" by Rache - Parody post-third season (Major Oak Silver Award for RoS Long Story). Robin of Loxley surprises all his friends by turning up alive, retrieving Marion from the convent and helps Robert and the others rescue a post office full of waylaid zines, bickering every step of the way. "No Certain Answers" by Laura Chevening - Alternate "Herne's Son". Although Marion is not present at Huntingdon, Robert finds reason to quarrel with guest Lord Owen of Clun. "Once in Royal David's City" by Alison Campbell - Alternate third season. Guy of Huntingdom and his brother Robert prepare to welcome their uncle William, King of Scotland. "Peace and Life are Different Things" by H. L. Avry - Long story, alternate third season. Marion does not go to Huntingdon and meets an older man, a former crusader whose wife died under tragic circumstances. "Truth Be Told" by Cindy Fairbanks - Alternate third season. A wounded Robert tells Guy the truth of their parentage. "You Can't Con a Con" by Debra Batus & Leslie Goldberg - "Quantum Leap" crossover, with Sam leaping into a RoS con guest.

Vignettes include "Dear Robert" by Mama, "Faerie Ring" by D. Linn, "The Greatest Enemy (No, Not That One)" by Beregara de Etranger, "Kobiyashi Marion" by Virginia L. Hefty, "Robert in the Hood" by Jennet Tucker-Robins, Marion O'Hearn & Robyn ibn Mahmud, and "Will the Real Robin Hood Please Stand Up" by Christine Haire (Major Oak Silver Award for RoS Vignette).

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