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Enter Saxon Sherwood in the company of Woden,Freya, elves, wights & other Elder Folk!

We have attempted to reflect the great Anglo-Saxon heritage that Robin & his fellow English-born followers had behind them. We've chosen (and are looking for) stories which feature Saxon magical/mystical elements, illustrate the conflict between Saxon and Norman, or any other way the talented authors of RoS fandom wish to use the theme!

We have three volumes currently available. Click on the title for more information on contents and how to order:

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Submission Guidelines for Saxon Chornicles 3, 4, and Beyond. We're looking for stories, filks, and artwork for future issues of our zine. Your interest is appreciated, and your contributions most welcome!

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Saxon Chronicles Story Archive
Red Dragon Falling by Jae
A strange dream of former days troubles Will; he seeks the help of Herne and learns the identity of the man who becomes the Lord of the Trees. (1997 Major Oak Award; appears in Saxon Chronicles #1)
Metamorphosis by Jae
The final chapter in the history of the Merries
The Guardian by Jae
Herne chooses another.
How Herne Came Into Possession of Albion and How the Saxons Got His Arrow (Or: Why History Books Don't Say Much About Hengest and Horsa) by Jae
As the title says ....

Other Fun Things
The Mystery of the Swords of Wayland Revealed by Jae
The Franks Casket - replica of a Saxon artifact

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