Rural Broadband "for the rest of us".


Imagine a futuristic world where your Internet access is provided without the need of a phone line, where it’s always on (like your TV) and is lightning fast – and, in most cases, you can get it no matter where you live...

That world is here...

Introducing AlaSat, AlaWeb’s new 2-way Satellite Internet Service!

    - Available virtually anywhere.
    - Constant connection to Internet service.
    - No phone line needed - goes where DSL can't.
    - Download speeds up to 10 times faster than dial-up.
    - Unlimited usage, no hourly fees.
    - Utilize your existing AlaWeb email address.
    - Streaming video capability.
    - Potential one-dish solution with satellite TV.

    For more detailed information about AlaSat, please select here.