Chat Rules


Smiles Cyber café observes a strict equal opportunities policy.  Discrimination, either direct or implied is a serious offence which will result in the banning of the user responsible from Smiles Cyber cafe.  Such discrimination includes, but is not limited to race, colour, nationality, religion, creed, sex and sexual orientation.  The question as to whether any behaviour is discriminatory is a matter for the Smiles Cyber café ops, whose decision will be final.

We would ask that all users of the Smiles Cyber  café observe the following code of behaviour when visiting. Failure to do so will initially result in a reminder from a Smiles Cyber cafe op, and subsequently offenders will be removed from the room.

1. Please do not spam the chat. Spamming consists of posting unsolicited links to sites with the intent to advertise, and doing so on a repeated basis.

2.Please do not troll. Trolling is the posting of inflammatory or derogatory comments with the intent to stir trouble or cause upset.

3.    Please only give out email and IM addresses via private messages and not in the main chat room. This is for security reasons. Although this is a private chat room, please be cautious about disclosing personal information.

4.    Please keep language and behaviour appropriate to the age range we have in the chatroom at the time.

Please remember that the views posted in the café do not represent the views of the administrators of, nor those of the site itself. Although we endeavour to have the chat moderated at all times, it is not always possible to do so and we cannot be held responsible for the chat content. By entering the chat room, you are acknowledging that you are doing so at your own risk