Our free linkware is not limited to personal websites. Commercial and any other for-profit sites are welcome to download and use these sets. We require that you include the link back to our site which is provided in your free set, and that you e-mail us with your URL so that we can see what you've done with it. Because these sets are free, regrettably we cannot customize any of the graphics (unless you want to hire us to do so). All sets have a blank banner and button that you can customize yourself to suit your needs. You may rearrange or resize the components of these sets if you wish, however, you are not authorized to otherwise alter, resell or redistribute them in any form. You may not pass them off as your own, or include them in any CD, downloadable file, e-mail stationery, sig file, or other similar use; nor may you include them in any archive or other product for resale or distribution. 
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